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Welcome to Navkis PU Academy and family of Navkis!

It is with utmost humility that we acknowledge all the trust and support we have garnered through the years. A decade ago, when we came up with the idea of establishing a PU Academy, we were highly concerned about the gaps in the education system. However, we faced the challenges head-on to establish one of the finest PU Academy - NAVKIS PU ACADEMY.
We take pride in the fact that our esteemed faculty has been successful in helping our students reach greater heights in academics and continue to work towards achieving the same with every passing year. Our students are toppers in state-level and national-level exams, and we have been achieving this by prescribing the right curriculum and advanced technological training.
"We wish all our students a great journey towards their success."

Shri. M. R. Ananda Ram


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