The Navkis PU Academy at Mysore has faculty who are not only competent in their subject knowledge, but who are sensitive to the needs of students and who are well trained in imparting holistic learning

Sl No Department Name Designation Qualification Experience
Department of Commerce
1 Commerce SUMATHI BAI D Principal M.Com 17 Years
2 Commerce MADHUSUDHAN K R Lecturer in Commerce M.Com, MBA, B.Ed 13 Years
3 Economics SHARADHA N Lecturer in Economics MA, B.Ed, M.Phil 10 Years
4 Computer Science SHWETHA K S Lecturer in Computer Science M.Sc, M.Tech 8 Years
Department of Science
5 Mathematics VINAYA KUMAR K S Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc 3rd Rank, B.Ed, K-SET 11 Years
6 Chemistry CHETHAN M Lecturer in Chemistry M.Sc 3rd Rank, B.Ed 5 Years
7 Biology UDAY VENKATESH Lecturer in Biology M.Sc (P.hd) 14 Years
8 Physics NEELAKANTA M M Lecturer in Physics M.Sc, B.Ed 5 Years
Department of Language
9 Kannada VENKATESH R Lecturer in Kannada MA, M.Phil, (P.hd) 19 Years
10 English MANASA Y C Lecturer in English MA, B.Ed 7 Years
11 Sanskrit SUBRAHMANYA H K Lecturer in Sanskrit MA, M.Phil 14 Years

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