Examination System


  • In the Indian Education System, an ability of student to gain entry for any professional education is entirely based on academic performance in her examinations. However, lot of importance is attached to personality development as well when it comes to employment. At Navkis PU Academy, we exploit the academic skills of an individual to the maximum while giving equal importance to his personality development.
  • Navkis PU Academy offers PU course in Science recognized by Dept. of Pre-University Education, Govt. of Karnataka PCMB, and PCMC combinations offered at Navkis PU Academy. This combination has wider base for professional education after taking competitive exams like CET / NEET / JEE and others similar exams.
  • In view of the availability of the students in the campus classes are well planned that prescribed PU Syllabus, along with competitive exam topics are completed by the end of October for II PUC and by the end of November for I PUC. This makes it possible to conduct revision classes and mock tests.
  • Tests: Week-end PU and Competitive Test, Regular Monthly Tests are conducted to get feedback about the students’ level of understanding the concepts.
  • Training for the competitive exam is initiated at the beginning of I PU itself as most of the competitive exams have questions from both I & II PU Syllabus. Adequate training is given to attain good speed and accuracy to answer multiple choice questions so that the students are well prepared to appear for competitive exams.
  • The College has set 70% as the minimum pass mark in all the subjects so that by the time they pass out from II PU, higher level of scoring is attained. We set a target of all the students getting through distinction at Navkis PU Academy.
  • Problem Solving: Great importance is given to the application of the concepts learnt. This is achieved by having separate problem solving sessions in all the subjects.

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