Rules and Regulation


1. A student has to put in at least 90% of the attendance at the end of academic year as per the regulations of PU Board.

2. Students will not be allowed to leave the hostel premises without prior permission

3. Nobody is allowed to leave the campus on any ground without a leave-out pass

4. Students will have to report on the date and time fixed after vacation or permitted period of leave. Defaulters in such cases will have to meet the Principal along with the parents.

5. Students who cause damage to the property of the college / other students will be penalized

6. All letters either to be posted or to be received by the students are censored by the college authority only to avoid unwanted deviation from studies and to safeguard the broader and specific interests of the students, parents and the institution

7. No student must absent herself from any examination without obtaining prior permission from the Principal

8. Any student found misbehaving with fellow students, wardens / lecturers or using harsh language is liable for the issue of transfer certificate

9. No student will be called out of the classroom when the class / study hour is going on

Students should keep the college premises clean and tidy

10. Students should wear only decent and dignified clothes maintaining a sense of decorum. Students found violating the above are dealt with accordingly

11. Frequent late coming and irregularity in attending the classes will not be allowed and it will result in issuing his TC

12. If any student leaves the campus without informing the campus authorities despite the strong security the institution will not bear any responsibility thereof. In such cases the students and the parents will have sole responsibility and legal liability for the same. Activities of the students outside the campus have no legal binding on the institution. Such students are not allowed to continue and TC will be issued to them forthwith

13. Answer sheets for Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Pre-Final Examinations is supplied to the students

14. Selective study material for PUC CET / NEET / JEE (Mains) is supplied to the students at reasonable cost. If the students lose the study material given by the institution he will be charged for reissuing new material. Reasonable price will be charged for workbooks, special books (weekend / assignment pad), practical manuals, records and additional materials useful for CET, NEET, JEE (Mains), BITSAT, AIMS, JIPMER etc.,


1. Navkis PU Academy College expects its students to be circumspect in their dress and demeanor.

2. salwar kameez with duppatas form the boarding uniform.

3. Salwar kameez with waist coat with college uniform shoes and track pants and house colour tea shirts with sports shoes form the College uniform. Adherence to the dress code is must throughout the academic year.


1. Parents are hereby requested to admit their children in NPA only if they accept the following terms and conditions:

2. Allotment of hostel rooms and section is at the sole discretion of the management.

3. Fee once paid will not be refunded at any cost

4. The fee is purely in two installment 1st (50%) at the time of admission & 2nd installment (Balance 50%) on or before September 30th.

5. Settlement of account will be entertained / made only on the submission of a letter of request and receipts in original to the Principal at the time of discharge from the campus.

6. After confirmation of admission into the college, information regarding commencement of classes for I PU will be communicated to the parents in due course. If it is not received on or before 31st May you are requested to contact the college office.